Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockleshells,
And pretty maids all in a row.




BTR Pagans and Christians Oh My! (Pt 3)

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BTR Pagans and Christians Oh My! (Pt2)

Listen to internet radio with Live From The Bay With Joey on BlogTalkRadio

Live from Palaia Vineyards in NY at the Beltaine Festival 2013 hosted by Brid's Closet the Illuminati Network did a live interview with Lori Bruno, visit and enjoy her interview listen in at The Illuminati Network with/Lori Bruno

Live from the Bay with Joey/BlogTalk Radio: Pagans and Christians Oh My!!!

Listen to internet radio with Live From The Bay With Joey on BlogTalkRadio


2012 November

In the News; Magika's Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony



Lori's Workshops

Sunday, 2012 Sept 16

Bradley Palmer State Park, Asbury Street
Topsfield MA

Directions for more information.

2012 August

Be the Light Spirit Communications, on BlogTalk Radio

Free Psychic Readings With Salem MA Witch Lori Bruno! Airing on 2012 August 27, Monday night at 8 pm. Listen in to Be the Light Now, hosted by Teresa Pattern on Blog Talk Radio. She will doing free psychic readings. Listen in and enjoy.


2012 June

Lori did a taping for "Late Night City with Pete Price", in which you may tune in on Radio City 96.7 | City Talk | Magic 1548, it is from the UK and when an Air date is set, we will update you more on when and where you may tune in to listen to the show.

Listen in to the Show

The interview will air on Pete Price's programme this Thursday 14th June at some point between 10pm & 2am UK time. | |

2012 May

Coast to Coast AM w/George Noory


George Noory was joined by Salem Witch Lori Bruno for a discussion on the Strega Witch Tradition and the Weird Ways of Witchcraft. Open Lines followed. Listen to the show here on your computer, smartphone or download to MP3 player at



Para X Network

‎2011 October 13th at 9 pm to 10 pm Lori will be speaking on Marla Brooks Show; Stirring the Cauldron. They will be discussing the new release of Dr. Leo Louis Martello's, Weird Ways of Witchcraft originally published in 1969. Now in the second printing under Weiser by Dr. Leo L. Martello and Forward by Lori Bruno.

Listen in to Stirring the Cauldron and be sure to call in with your questions to Rev. Lori Bruno. Also, to purchase a copy of the new release go to and get your copy today. Many Blessings and be sure to listen in on Thursday the 13th of October at 9pm to Stirring the Cauldron w/Lori Bruno.

American Way Magazine, Sept Issue - Bewitched, Read here.

CBS Boston WBZ-TV & TV38 feature an interview with Lori Bruno on house blessings with Janet Howcroft from the news coverage in Lynnfield one of the first publicized house blessing in which Lori performed. Read more here...

Ghost Chronicles: Special Guest Lori Bruno spoke about the Spirits in all forms and the negative and positive energy they can transmit within the phsyical realm from the invisible realms. Listen to the Podcast (click here) from Ghost Chronicles the showed aired on 2011 May 11 at 7:00 pm, you may also download the show on I-Tunes for free.

Boston Globe: Bless this House, by Taryn Plumb

Out of the Storm News: “You blessed my home, that I had lost. I had cried so hard. And now I own the house, and I live in peace and happiness.”, interviewed and article by Brad Laybourne.



Lifetime presents At Risk and The Front, by Patricia Cornwell, based off of the life of Lori Bruno, Strega Nona, world renowed psychic, medium and clairvoyant born in New York and currently residing in Massachusetts. The plot surrounds her grandson Win Garano as the lead detective and the cities District Attorney who pulls Win into her web of deceit and lies to un-cover two murders in an effort to build the cities first state of the art forensic lab.

At Risk and The Front were premiered on the Lifetime Channel, 2010 April 10th and 17th at 9:00 pm, to see more go to, they are available for viewing on ITunes.

Featured also in Patrica Cornwell's book Scarpetta which can be purchased at, at or Barnes and Nobles.


In the Cards: Consulting Three Salem Psychics, By Dinah Cardin

2008 and Eariler

Lori Bruno/Cornucopia Videos

Youtube: Sacred Circle Stregheria Ritual Part One
Youtube: Sacred Circle Stregheria Ritual Part Two

Speaking of Strange Radio Show

26 May 2007 at 9:06 pm, Rev. Lori Bruno was one of three featured guests on the live show AM 570 WWNC Speaking of Strange at, hosted by Joshua P. Warren. The topic of discussion was Giordano Bruno his life, beliefs and philosophy. A great show.

May 26 2007 Hr.-2
You've heard of scientists like Galileo who were persecuted by the church for believing the earth was not the center of the universe. But have you heard about Giordano Bruno? Yeva will join us to discuss her thoughts on why Bruno is important, and then we'll talk to Lori Bruno about her enigmatic ancestor. Listen here to the show, the first hour is with Yeva and the second hour is with Lori Bruno


In the Media, on Samhain 2007 Rev. Lori Bruno and Her Coven were featured in the Boston Globe, "Oridinary People except the "Witch" part.

Lori has been featured on WCVB-TV’s (Ch 5) “Chronicle” program, radio, and regional cable-access stations.

She has consulted on the occult to numerous books including “Spectre” and “Fridays at 4:00 pm”. She was also interviewed in “People of the Earth” by Ellen Everett-Hoppman.

She has written for the “Llewellyn Magickal Almanac” and “Spell-a-Day” series. Some of her poetry is featured at as well as on her Prose and Poetry page here on her site.

Lori speaks regularly at colleges in the area to educate the community on the Old Religion.





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